Scalar is qualified to provide roadway, drainage, structures, traffic, and environmental design services. We are pre-qualified with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for the following work groups: (Scalar Consulting Group (FDOT Carliayn Kell Letter)

Group 2  Project Development and Environmental Studies

Group 3  Highway Design - Roadway

3.1   Minor Highway Design

3.2   Major Highway Design

3.3   Controlled Access Highway Design

Group 4  Highway Design - Bridges

4.1.1  Miscellaneous Structures

4.1.2  Minor Bridge Design

Group 5  Bridge Loan Rating

5.4  Bridge Load Rating

Group 6  Traffic Engineering and Operations Studies

6.1   Traffic Engineering Studies

6.2   Traffic Signal Timing

6.3.1 Intelligent Transportation Systems Analysis and Design

6.3.2 Intelligent Transportation Systems Implementation

Group 7  Traffic Operations Design

7.1   Signing, Pavement Marking, and Channelization

7.2   Lighting

7.3   Signalization

Group 13  Planning

13.5   Sub-Area/Corridor Planning


And Palm Beach County CCNA certified (civil engineering, cost estimating, drainage engineering, professional engineer services, traffic and transportation engineering services, and utilities engineering.