Aniruddha (Rudy) Gotmare, PE - Founder

Scalar Consulting Group Inc., founded in 2011, is a minority business firm (DBE, SBE), with its corporate office located in Riviera Beach, Florida, specializing in transportation engineering. In addition to our corporate headquarters we have offices in Tampa, Maitland, and Pensacola.

Scalar's staff bring decades of experience to the transportation engineering industry. Our full transportation engineering services includes: project development and environment (PD&E) studies, NEPA evaluations, corridor planning, complex highway design for interstate, expressways, state roads, and local streets. Scalar staff have worked on projects both large and small scale (from freeway interchange modifications to sidewalk improvement projects).   

We also provide: drainage design and permitting (state and local agencies), signing and pavement markings design, signalization design, lighting design, utility coordination, roadway construction cost estimating, public involvement and structural services as well. 

Scalar Consulting is always dedicated to providing our clients with innovative solutions, maximum cost savings, efficient communication, and coordination to ensure our clients achieve their goals on time and within budget.

While new firms have entered the market in the past years and others have left or been acquired by large corporations, Scalar Consulting Group has remained a private and independent company, beholden only to our customers' best interests. We deliberately seek out only those opportunities where we can deliver results and build strong professional relationships that will last for decades to come. We genuinely love what we do, and we appreciate our clients' consideration to work with Scalar Consulting Group Inc.

Nearly thirty years ago, Aniruddha Gotmare, PE, known as "Rudy", started his career as a civil engineer after graduating from the Nagpur University, in Nagpur, India.

In 2011, through discussions with clients and prospects, Rudy began to recognize the need for more focused innovative solutions, maximum cost savings, efficient communication, and coordination to ensure clients achieved their goals on their projects. That's when he decided to start Scalar Consulting Group Inc.

Today, Scalar Consulting Group Inc., provides design and project management in the transportation engineering, particularly in design of highways, interchanges, urban and rural roadways, traffic operation studies and design, and bridge planning and design.

"We treat every project as an opportunity to showcase our expertise, further refine our craft, and strengthen our reputation. I am proud that my team's results speak for themselves. We are showing steadily growth into a recognized leader in the industry with a dedicated technical staff of professional engineers and technicians."